Design Management


  • Processes tailored to the design process
  • Enhanced communication and coordination
  • Greater programme certainty
  • Clear audit trail of design process
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Professional and independent change management process
  • Reduced design risk


  • Implementation of strategies and methodologies
  • Integral part of the design service
  • Bespoke service focused specifically on the needs of designers
  • Reflective of the iterative nature of the design process.
  • One team, one goal approach
  • Enables designers to focus on the things  they do best

How We Work…


  • Early involvement in project set up
  • Everything we do protects designers interests
  • Our scope is aligned to your need
  • We enjoy doing the things designers don’t like doing and we do them well
  • We are objective, pre-emptive, proactive and quick to respond
  • We are from diverse Consultancy backgrounds
  • We understand your processes/priorities
  • We are available short term or long term


  • Set up project structure/procedures
  • Establish and agree on-going DM scope
  • Potential co-location for duration of scope (dependant on demand) or;
  • Regular visits as and when necessary
  • Daily correspondence / calls
  • Liaise with lead designer to delineate scope splits
  • Support design team at client meetings

1. Bid Support

Management of the bid process

Define programme and deliverables

Coordinate input

Support Designers with management text.

Supply exemplar competition text

Attendance at interviews

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2. Project Set-up

Help structure the team for effective delivery

Set up of design team procedures and protocols

Understand and define programme, scope and deliverables

Manage Sub-consultancy appointments

Identify scope gaps and advise where additional consultants may be required

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3. Design Management

Understand the contract and make sure the team are meeting the contractual requirements

Define Design Programme, interim milestones
and monitor progress

Manage communication including Client Liaison and Client approvals

Promote and enhance coordination

Activity scheduling and priorities

Financial management – invoicing and sub-consultancy agreements

Flag risk early both internally and with the Client

Establish Change control process and management

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4. Construction Support

Support with preparation of post design scope and fee

Tracking Design Team tasks and information received

Promote coordination of Design Team and Sub-Contractor Design Activities

Track contractor’s obligations / shop drawings / submittals

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